On Pricing

You'll notice I don't mention specific prices. There's a thought behind this, and it has nothing to do with exorbitantly high rates or sketchy "click to see the price"-style salesmanship. I simply believe in judging every project on its own unique set of circumstances. My current workload, the type of project, the amount of time said project will take, and the overall amount of work involved are four big price-influencing factors I can think of off the top of my head.


That said, I prefer to work on a per-piece (or per-project, when applicable) rate. I think this approach works in everyone's favor. It saves me from having to bill extra hours for rewrites and general reworking -- something I cover in my about page -- and makes sure you get the same value no matter what the size/shape/scope of your project.


Do I work for peanuts? Absolutely not. I couldn't afford to work in the field full-time if I did. But I also wouldn't be doing this if I charged my clients out the nose -- it's kind of hard to call yourself a "professional" writer when nobody's willing to pay your rates. Shoot me an email and I'm confident we can find a price we both find agreeable.

What I Do

This presents the same issue as pricing: Every project is different, so much so that it's hard to shoehorn any one specific piece into a category. Maybe you need me to write a series of posts under ten different names for your gardening blog. Maybe you need someone to handle tweeting under your company's banner two or three times a day. Maybe you need a script for your upcoming Facebook video game. Maybe you really want to write a short story but need me to come up with a concept and character names. These all sound strange, but (minus some identifying details) I've done them all, and I'm sure my future work will be every bit as varied, interesting, and fun to write.


To put this all another way, I deal in written words. If it requires me to sit behind a keyboard and type -- assuming it isn't software programming, something I unfortunately have little hands-on experience with -- I can do it, and I can do it well. My clients deserve no less, after all. Here are some general ideas of what I'm capable of doing, but it's far from a comprehensive list of the services I offer.





Editing (line or developmental)


Blog posts

Reviews (game, video, literature, music, etc.)

Scripts (video, game, audio, etc.)

Social media posts



News reporting

News commentary

Industry trend reports

Meme captions

Photo captions

Creative consulting


Business plans


Inbound marketing pieces

Product descriptions

Embedded social sharing posts

Data entry


And the list goes on.





Email me. I'm the sole employee of this fine business, and I'll be happy to discuss your project and negotiate a rate we both find fair for the value I provide. At the very least, you'll come away from the process knowing exactly what a project like yours might cost if you decide to go with my services. That means no shady stuff, no spam emails, and absolutely none of the slimy sales talk I hated speaking in when I was selling cell phones for a certain major wireless carrier. I pride myself on doing fair business at fair rates -- and I also enjoy establishing myself as a go-to guy for anyone who hires me.


Seriously. It's that easy. Even if we decide not to work together, I get to talk shop about an industry I love with someone who may be interested in hiring me later down the line. That's cool enough on its own!


Evan Wade, Sole Proprietor

(812) 250-9233 (250-WADE)


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